Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Kaplan was at the top of his world. Never before ill, he was used to documenting the life ordeals of others. But when suddenly diagnosed with a rare case of potentially deadly Lymphoma, it was a blind side.

Turning the lens on himself, Kaplan’s remarkable imagery takes us beyond his despair and through his powerful belief that he can, and must, beat it.

Through his visual journal, with help from his family, doctors, and even Mother Theresa and a rock star, Kaplan shares the same boundless determination that helped him become a famous photojournalist.

Kaplan has judged the Pulitzers, too, and says that cancer stories are the biggest cliché. But when you get cancer, you don’t feel like a cliché, you just pray you can beat it.

Follow Kaplan’s journey as he lives it through his own lens. The dreaded news of cancer is certainly no fun, but you can make it through to the other side, back to health and the joy of every day.

Today, you can beat most cancers. Kaplan’s story helps show us the way.

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