For oncologists, nurses, medical professionals, and social workers:
The Not As I Pictured DVD is accompanied by our American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) film companion guide for patients, caregivers and survivors. The booklet contains ASCO-approved information, as well as resources, and messages of support from John, and from Li, his wife and caregiver.

Please see our patient, caregivers and survivors education page with helpful links to ASCO online educational resources.

Medical professionals and leading cancer care organizations from across the U.S. have enthusiastically embraced Not As I Pictured. Leading hospitals, medical practices and cancer support centers are using the film and its accompanying educational materials for patient education, survivorship and group support programs.

Please contact us to learn more about receiving bulk copies for your organization’s patients and clients. We can also make customized DVD editions, and film companion guides using your organization’s materials.

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Our future goals include a Group Viewing Toolkit for support groups, medical humanities course materials, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) resources for professionals.

If your organization is interested in helping us with our goals of developing CME and other educational resources for the medical community, please contact us: