Scheduling Not As I Pictured is easy. Your group has a wide range of options depending on the type of event you envision for your community or organization’s event.

Film screenings:
Not As I Pictured, and its related short film, Pulitzer Pride, is upbeat and life affirming. Viewers come away from an event stronger, in touch with what they most value in life, and ready to face the challenges ahead with renewed courage.

Not As I Pictured is 54 minutes long. Many communities also like to schedule cancer coping discussion forums that can follow the screening, and/or inspiring speeches by John to accompany the film.

Creating an event that includes a group roundtable discussion led by local physicians, social workers, and/or experts in caregiving and survivorship makes for an event sure to be embraced by your community. If you are able to also invite John, he can join the roundtable discussion, too.

To help keep our free DVD program alive, there is a fee for group screening copies of the film. However, we pledge never to turn away any organization in need. We now have subsidies available that can help offset your group’s expenses.

Scheduling John for your event:
Not As I Pictured presentations by Director John Kaplan, a University of Florida Professor, often accompany screenings. His speaking style is supportive, motivational, and kind. Kaplan is an experienced speaker and has been invited to give keynote addresses on a wide variety of topics worldwide. (And, he even has his hair back now, too.)

Learn more about how to bring John, and/or the film to your community, please contact us:

Watch the Not As I Pictured Exhibition Film Trailer:
Film Trailer

Scheduling the accompanying photographic exhibition
Pulitzer Prize-winner John Kaplan photographed and shot most of the video for Not As I Pictured during his treatment. The images are striking, and importantly, build empathy and understanding within your community.

In addition to a screening, some organizations also schedule the touring Not As I Pictured photographic exhibition that can remain up to a month following a community event.

You don’t have to be an art expert to schedule a successful exhibition. We have an exhibition guide that makes the show easy to hang, take down, and ship to its next destination.

See the Not As I Pictured Exhibition Image Gallery:
Exhibition Gallery

Contact us for exhibition details including photograph sizes, wall space needed, shipping, and more: